The COVID-19 pandemic has had severe impacts on the Kenyan economy and society as a whole. Results from a nationally representative Business Pulse Survey implemented by the World Bank between June and August, 2020 indicates indicate that:

  • About 93 percent of firms experienced a decline of sales compared to the same period of the previous year.
  • Sales dropped by around 50 percent in the average and median Kenyan firms, and by more than 70 percent for one-quarter of firms.
  • Close to 65 percent of firms are experiencing a decline in demand, cash flow, and available finance.
  • Moreover, firms expect sales to continue declining in the coming months. The pandemic is disproportionally affecting small and female-owned
  • Firms in Kenya are responding to the crisis through the adoption of digital technologies.
  • About 20 percent of firms have received public support, but lack of awareness of public assistance options is still large among those that did not receive any support.

Finally, the Survey suggested policy response options divided into four areas: access to finance, firm capabilities, access to new markets, and reducing uncertainty.